Winds Of Trade is a strategy game about running an ocean trading company in the 18th century. Building your tradingĀ empire will not be your only goal! Ruthless pirates, shady smugglers, wartime and fierce competitors will make the way to the top a long and hard road for you!

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Key Elements

Buy low and sell high in order to make money. In time you will understand how the dynamics of the economy of the world you are in works in order to maximize your profit.
The world you play in is randomly generated, so you will face different challenges and you will have to learn how the cities’ production chains interact every time you start a new game.
All is fair when it comes to making money. Do you want to sabotage a competitor’s ship? Or perhaps smuggle illegal goods? Or become business partners with an opium lord? Go ahead!

Once your trading company is powerful enough you’ll be able to invest in the stock market, take over your competitors and even found new colonies to exploit natural resources.

You will not only have to deal with the market, you will also have to deal with fierce pirates who want to capture your cargo and your ships at all costs! Have your cannons ready!

Commodities’ prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, just like in the real world. Wars, forest fires or legislation changes will all have an impact on how much things are worth.

Official Trailer

Project Timeline

December 2014
Development of Winds Of Trade begins
March 2015
Project is migrated from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and a whole new User Interface is made from scratch
June 2015
Most of the game core mechanics are in place, including the economic simulation, random world generation and CPU-controlled competitors
September 2015
New feature added: players can now accept contracts from governments and private companies to transport goods and passengers
December 2015
Players can now hire captains with special skills for their ships
April 2016
v0.5 is released: This was the first version to be sent to several people to gather feedback and bug reports
May 2016
New feature allows players to set up automatic trading routes for their ships to execute
June 2016
New feature: Powerful companies can now build their own colonies in order to exploit natural resources
August 2016
The basics for the turn-based battle system are in place!
December 2016
Game got approved in Steam Greenlight!
February 2017
The game is released on Steam!